Become a BCBS Volunteer

Giving your time to BCBS as a volunteer is an enormous help, not just for the charity, but the community.

Its the volunteers that makes the charity a success.

Being a volunteer can be highly rewarding reduce stress combat depression help develop new skills made a difference to lives gain confidence and self-esteem

The charity is always in need of additional volunteers to be able to meet the constant demand for the services that we provide. Without the dedication, enthusiasm, passion and skills of all our volunteers, the charity wouldn’t have been able to achieve what it has so far. All volunteers/Counsellors requires significant training and DBS checks which is provided by the charity at no cost.

Bereavement Volunteers will be required to facilitate at various support groups and interact with members of the Community who are struggling with grief. Volunteers are also given the opportunity to assist at the various events and fundraising activities that the charity organises throughout the year.

Anyone can apply to be a Bereaved Volunteer as qualifications and pervious experience is not necessary required, but a caring, understanding and compassionate manner to support bereaved people are essential.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please complete the application form and send it to