Some people may find it comfortable talking to friends and family about their loss, where others may benefit from talking to a Professional Counsellor. 

What is grief Counselling/Therapy?

After the loss of a loved one and struggling to cope with the grief, some individuals or families try grief therapy, which is also known as bereavement counselling. This is to try and help them come to terms with the death of the loved one.

One of the main aims of counselling is to help bereaved people work through any problems that they are having in while in a safe and supportive space. A trained professional, known as a Counsellor, will guide them through therapy and try to help them understand their thoughts and emotions in greater depth.

Therapy is usually a one-to-one session between the client and Counsellor. This is where people are able to discuss any personal and psychological problems that they may be experiencing. Within the session the Counsellor may ask various questions, get individuals to participate in therapeutic activities such as drawing or writing, or they may use other techniques such as hypnotherapy and mindfulness. A Counsellor may use elements of many different therapy types, they will choose the most suitable technique that suits the persons individual needs.

BCBS offers bereavement counselling via phone, Skype or in face to face sessions.

Do I need Bereavement Counselling?

People may need help if their emotions are so intense that they struggle to go on and can’t cope with their day-to-day life. It is very important to seek help and support if you are struggling to go to work, look after children or socialise with friends and family.

A Counsellor can’t take away the grief and cannot cure the pain of bereavement but what they can do is help someone to understand their thoughts and feelings with greater clarity. Just by sharing your thoughts with someone who is trained to be helpful and non-judgemental can be a way to try and cope with grief.

‘We support and provide bereavement counselling to people who are suffering the devastating effects of losing someone that they love and was very important in their lives’.