Beverley Green

CEO & Founder

Bev is the CEO and the sole Founder of BCBS. Bev holds a B.A. Honours Degree in ‘Integrative Counselling’ and is registered as a member of the Professional Standards Authority. As well as running a successful private Counselling service within Bridgend, Bev is also a Clinical Supervisor for students who are studying Counselling.

As the CEO of the charity, Bev reports to the Board of Trustees and is responsible for all aspects of the overall strategy, planning, resourcing, operational performance and governance of the charity, as well as representing the charity and its work within the Community.

I am very proud and honoured about what we have achieved so far and what we have planned for the future. I am delighted to lead the charity forward and ensure that the support that we provide is easily obtainable for even more families in many years to come’.