Physical Symptoms of Grief

It is very common for grief to produce physical symptoms which can be very frightening if you are not sure what is causing them.

Common Symptoms

Many people mistakenly believe that grief is a single emotion but normal grief is powerful and often uncontrollable. Grief can affect us not only emotionally but also physically and mentally.

The loss of a loved one due to death, can cause a lot of pain that often feels overwhelming and inescapable. During this time, common physical grief response can include any of the following:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Aches and pains
  • Finding it hard or a fear of sleeping
  • Lack of energy
  • Hollow feeling in your stomach
  • Tightness in the chest and throat
  • Oversensitivity to noise

Some people do worry that these symptoms are a sign that they are seriously ill but these can all be a cause of grief.

What to do

It is always a good idea to speak to a GP, especially if you are feeling anxious about your health. The GP could do a check to see if there might be underlying problems and help you get further support if you require it.

Let the GP know that you have recently had an bereavement as this will help them to  understand what you are experiencing and what would be the best way forward.