Supporting Children

The death of someone important can have a devastating effect on a young child. Having to Rebuild a new life after the death of a loved one can be especially difficult for children and young people. Once the shock and trauma has been or is being managed, the next step is to move forward.

Children have an overwhelming sense of confusion, fear and anxiety with grief, which must be cared for in order for them to continue into adulthood with a sense of confidence and long lasting happiness.

Children Support Group – Aged 5 – 15

BCBS provides bereavement services to children within Bridgend and the surrounding areas, who are faced with one of the most traumatic events in their lives. It can be a distressing and overwhelming experience for anyone, especially a child.

Our support group helps to build emotional resilience and develop coping skills to help them get through these difficult times. We believe that early intervention of bereavement support for many children will stop problems developing in later life and give them every opportunity to move forward with their grief.

Within the children group, we try to make it a magical place where they can laugh, cry and celebrate their loved ones. All the activities provide plenty of opportunities for the children to express themselves and develop bonds with others who are going through similar circumstances and realise that they are not alone. We also introduce activities that can help build self-esteem and confidence.

Within the group, we focus on:

Creative ArtAllows children to express powerful emotions and say more in pictures than they are able to verbally. 

Manager Anger Children often feel angry and often express this anger in different ways. In the group we help them to learn the best and safest way to express the emotion. 

Self-esteem – Enables children to become more confident, more self-assured and to have a more positive image about themselves.